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How / Travel Guide
Why "how"? The "how" is what really counts! How travelling for example.
When I went to Kovalam for the first time in 1986, running water and Coca Cola hadn't made it there yet. The only places offering yoga classes where ashrams, similar to our monasteries. While today's abundant alternative medical treatments are more of a spa-wellness retreat, back then the locals would've given you dope about where to find such a treatment, which usually ended in a journey through the bush.
Unknown to many, Ayurveda is just one of many naturopathic treatment methods in Kerala. Along with the famous Ayurveda, there is many other natural healing methods and practicing healers.
The times they are a-changin', even in India. International standard seems to be the magic word now for attracting customers. Evidently the local's lifestyle, not to mention the salary, are nowhere close to that standard.
There is a countless amount of travel guides about Kerala worth reading out there. However, I want to elaborate on
something what these guides are missing out on.

Although I am focusing on Kovalam, these informations are applicable to most other towns in this state.

Whatever the popular
guide books have written about Kovalam is either pretty euphemistic to appeal to tourists or downright obsolete. For example, the Lonely Planet in its newest edition, wrote about the rice paddies of Kovalam. Try looking for them. The last of them disappeared in the 90's and made way for hotels or trash dumps marked with "plot for sale" signs. Rice paddies does indeed sound more appealing.
I do not claim one hundred per cent completeness to my "how" to experience/travel/enjoy/live. I haven't even mentioned the feeling of time in India, which is far from the western feeling. Find out for yourself while you're here.

Useful and correct information can be found on wikipedia and wikitravel. India's official website www.india-tourism.com is very informative as well.

According to your travel plans, you may consider a visit to your local tropical institute for
medical prevention.
All plans aside, Mother India might have plans of her own for you. She'll know why and afterwards you'll understand it too. Making plans in India is somewhat different.
What should you bring along? As little as possible. You can get almost anything on the spot, though it might be a cheap replica of what you wanted. For further information, see - "gifts"