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South India / Kerala


Kovalam`s other side


South India / Kerala
Kerala is a narrow and very fertile coastal strip in south-west India, one of the most species-rich countries on earth.
Some of India's most beautiful beaches are located here. Above all, Kerala has an easy-going, relaxed vibe as opposed to India's stereotypical milling crowds.
Trivandrum, or Thiruvananthapuram, the city of the holy snake, is the state capital. The most well known sights include museums, an art gallery, an excellent zoo and various temples - not to mention music and dance performances.
If you need a wish to be fulfilled, the legend goes that it shall be granted if you crack open a coconut for Ganesh, the popular elephant god, on the walls of his temple.
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From Trivandrum buses, taxis, and Rickshaws will take you to the beach village of Kovalam. It's a half hour ride.