GESINE GLAESER • Phone: (49) 6221-160 122 • E-mail: info@girija-yoga.de
The teachings of yoga are based on a millennia old tradition. Yoga is a style of life. All techniques of Yoga strive for a consciously regulated connection of thought patterns, breathing, and body posture. Through yoga exercises we achieve more calmness, balance and strength in daily life. The practice of Yoga strengthens the whole organism and makes the body more flexible.
It is a great experience to learn it in the place of origin, in India. You don't need extra tools to do it. It is a tool itself that stays with you forever once you deeply learned it. If you understand its
philosophy, your everyday life will become easier and richer.
"The feet are now rooted in the Divine inspiration of heaven"
Kovalam's offer of yoga classes offered by Indians as well as foreigners has grown immensely. There is not a single hotel not offering yoga and ayurveda. The offer is significantly smaller in number outside of the high season which lasts from November till March)
In India I rarely teach classes and only on request since this is a very important source of income for the locals.

"Without mistakes we don't grow. Mistakes are our best teachers."

- Swami Vishnu Devananda