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The idea
Kovalam inside(r): A Different Kovalam with hints and tips.
Getting to know India's, especially Kerala's spiritual and magical side, you don't need to meet enlightened gurus or mystical shamans. I once met a very wealthy landlord owning coffee plantation who told me "The beauty of this country lies in the purity of its poor people."
Open your eyes to the beauty of the details in everyday life.
For sure, you might find spiritual healers, but watch out for crooks. They can be quite devious. You never know where you might find the true mysticism.
For all you know, the tea vendor at the corner could be your guru. Wherever you go, trust Mother India. If you allow her, she will guide you.
This website is not affiliated with hotels or other businesses. It does not replace your guide book. However, this website will help you enrich your Ayurvedic treatment or your (sightseeing) experiences in and around Kovalam.

You will find practical information, contact persons, tips, critical thoughts, pictures and lots more.
Kovalam is full signs saying sea view. I appeal to you to see few. You know the saying less is more. Kovalam has lots of little secrets, so it's worth taking the time to see a little less, but getting impressed more deeply.
Originally a poor fishing village, Kovalam has survived the march-through of the hippies, the package tours, the spa tourism, and the more recent flood of Indian tourists from the north. But Kovalam managed to preserve its authenticity.
Apart from surfing and boat tours, package trips and lots of new hotels, Kovalam still has its heart and its coconuts in the right place. You will instinctively feel at ease here and possibly have a hard time ever leaving again.
Not only due to it's proximity to the airport, Kovalam is a wonderful place to start your travels through the heart of India.

Kovalam is a place where the orient meets the occident and where they hopefully learn to communicate and understand each other.